Money Talk

I will be the first one to tell you that money is NOT my forte! Finances, taxes, and budgets, are the three words I steer clear of. That’s why my hottie hubs is here to lead us in the right direction when it comes to saving and spending. It’s here I will share our saving, budgeting, and investment knowledge and thoughts.

5 Tax Credits You Didn’t Know Existed

Wondering which tax credits you may be eligible for?

I’ve had SO much fun writing more lifestyle-type blogs, but with tax season just around the corner I wanted to bring back some Money Talk. One of the benefits of being married to an accountant (who also happens to be a tax specialist) is that he knows all the ins and outs for getting back […]




How much should I save for retirement?!


Ever have those long, hard days at work and find yourself suddenly day dreaming about your retirement? If you are like me that dream is often short lived when you look at your savings and realize you can only afford to be retired for about a year. Did you know that millennials earn about 20% […]


The one thing to spend your money on to get the best ROI

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Stocks, bonds, and mutual funds. All investments we make where we expect to see a good return on investment. But what if I told you there is something you can spend your money on that will give you an even better ROI and that the ROI is guaranteed? You’d probably jump on it right away, […]


7 Myths About Accountants Debunked


When I was younger and envisioned my future husband, he pretty much looked like Tom Brady. Tall, dark, handsome, athletic, and rich. Never did I ever think that I, Olivia Lattimore, a dramatic, girly, fashionista would end up the wife of an accountant. Because who would want to be married to a boring bean […]


Which Credit Card Offers the Best Value for Travel Rewards?

shutterstock_321194426My dad turned 50 this year and to celebrate my parents are taking the family on a Caribbean Cruise. The only catch is that we have to pay for our flights (a small price to pay for a free vacation). We were hoping to score some pretty reasonable flights to Florida but we will unfortunately […]


10 Things NOT To Spend Your Money On

shutterstock_135403982Saving money and making wise financial decisions is not a secret formula. It’s like losing weight. You can’t expect to lose weight (and keep it off) with a silver bullet solution. It takes dedication, time, and discipline. If you are stressing about your finances, have debt to pay off, or are just looking for some […]


Rent vs Buy – That is the Question

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I recently heard a very scary statistic…”718,000 people with debt would be seriously affected if [mortgage] interest rates rose just 0.25 of a percentage point, and one million people would struggle to cope with a rise of one percentage point”. If you are “in the know” with Toronto real-estate I am SURE you are aware of […]


Credit Cards – Paying more for rewards than what they’re worth?

shutterstock_367136834I LOVE a good deal. Even more, I love getting rewarded for spending money, especially with travel points. So when my bank offered me a travel credit card that would get me more travel points per dollar spent, I was SOLD. The catch? The annual $120 fee. But that didn’t matter to me because I […]

I’m a millennial who can’t buy a home – and it’s not because of avocado toast

I recently read an article in the National Post titled “Millennials can’t buy homes because they’re wasting money on avocado toast, helpful millionaire says”. Entitlement and poor decision making of millennials is a trending topic in the news lately. As a millennial, I often feel stigmatized against simply because of my age category and this […]



The Impact of Bank of Canada’s Interest Rate Hike


In my Rent vs Buy blog post I shared a scary stat “718,000 people with debt would be seriously affected if interest rates just 0.25 of a percentage point”. As of July 12th, 2017 this statistic became reality for many Canadians. For the first time in 7 years, the Bank of Canada increased the interest […]

To Commute or Not Commute – The Cost of Owning a Car


According to a 2011 National Household Survey, 15.4 million Canadians commute to work. And why do people commute? The most obvious answer is that the cost of owning a home is significantly more affordable outside of the major metropolitan areas. But when you factor in the price of driving a car you may be surprised […]


8 Financial Habits For Every Millennial


Here is a scary statistic for you. 67% of older millennials (those between age 25 and 34) have less than $1,000 in their savings accounts, and 33% have nothing at all. Only 15% have over $10,000. Yikes! Ask yourself, where do you fit in with these stats and is there something you can do better? […]



We were 22 and 23. We were newly married, recently graduated University, were living on our own, and were staring at a mountain of school debt, in fact it was a whopping $40,000. Growing up my parents taught me the importance of saving. In high school my mom would take a chunk of my savings […]


Accounting for Bank Fees – Save Thousands by Switching to No Fee Banking

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When I was a little girl my mom took me to the bank to open up my first bank account. I had my very own bank card and slowly I started to see my account grow with money I earned from birthdays, babysitting, and monthly allowance. I became loyal to this bank, so loyal in […]


Knowledge is Power

Ever sit and think “THANK GOODNESS we had to learn how to solve quadratic equations in high school instead of practical everyday knowledge like how to create a budget and how to do your taxes”? Yeah, me neither… I will never forget sitting in my accounting exam for a second year business course being tortured […]

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