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Join me as I decorate my new house! See where I save and where I splurge without going over budget. I’ll be linking my favorite finds so you can shop along with me.

Your Guide to Building a New Home Part 1: Upgrades


When we were living in Toronto, my hopes and dreams of becoming a home owner quickly came to a squashing end. I finally accepted the fact that we would be renting forever. Don’t get me wrong, renting provides a lot of financial flexibility and you can do very well financially renting (read my blog on Rent […]




My Pantry Dream Board

6e1613fb-337c-4321-9c98-1a7695e55cfbHave you ever made a trip to the grocery store, only to realize that the exact item you went to pick up was already in your pantry? I’m not going to lie, this happens to me all the time because I lack a proper pantry organization system. This means I waste money on items that […]




Copycat Friday – Featuring The Decor Diet

If you follow my Instagram account you’ve likely noticed my latest obsession with blush. While this shade of pink is not the most complementary for my skin tone (#whitegirlproblems), it makes the perfect spring accent color around the home. It was the accent of blush in this bedroom which caught my attention. As I begin […]



The Organization Series: Space Tour


Hi friends! Who else has had to deal with this crazy Canadian weather? Being stuck inside all weekend during the ice storm provided the perfect opportunity to veg, chill out, and of course catch up on a little spring cleaning. But where to even begin? Spring cleaning, while refreshing, can be overwhelming, especially with the […]



Introducing the Organization Series!

Version 2

Hey You! It is an honor to be a guest on Sweet & Saving sharing my thoughts on a topic I am passionate about: organizing!   My name is Julia Duiella. It is pronounced do-yel-la although most people just rhyme the two names saying, Julia Doolia, before proceeding to ask if I’ve seen the Wedding Singer. […]

Selecting Cleaners For Your Home Part 3: Green Clean Killing Machines


If your from Canada, you KNOW how long, cold, and wet this winter has been. This week we welcomed the first day of Spring (FINALLY!), and I could not be more ready! There is something about the warmer air and sunshine that makes me want to get a head start on my spring cleaning. And […]




Selecting Cleaners For Your Home Part 2: Ditching the Toxins


How many of you have jumped on the toxin-free band wagon? While selecting safer products for your home is admirable, there is SO much misinformation out there thanks to Dr. Google and the plethora of products claiming to be “safe” with nothing to support their claims except for a pretty picture of a leaf on […]




Selecting Cleaners For Your Home Part 1: Back To The Basics

Selecting Green Cleaners for Your Home

It’s that time of year again! The birds are chirping, the snow is melting and it’s time to start spring cleaning. When it comes to the cleaners and disinfectants I use around my house I am SUPER picky! And it’s not because I’m a tree hugger overly concerned about the environment, or because I have […]




Copycat Friday – Featuring Shannon Willardson from For the Love

Copycat Friday Shannon WillardsonHappy Fri-YAY everyone! Spring feels like it is just around the corner which means our builders will start the construction of our new home very soon! With selections quickly coming upon us I am stalking all my favorite bloggers for decor inspo. I recently came across this living room and loved the clean look with […]




Copycat Friday – Featuring Kelley Nan from Gracious Living

Copycat Friday Kelley Nan

We recently purchased our FIRST home and we couldn’t be more excited! It’s a new build meaning that we get to choose everything from scratch. It goes without saying that my Pinterest boards are consumed with kitchen, living room, and bedroom inspiration. Today we met with our builder to start our selections which inspired me […]




How to personalize your office without breaking the bank

Office Reveal


As a marketer, creativity is an essential aspect of my job, so it’s important that I have a space that inspires creativity and innovation. And what better space than my office? My office building is located in a gorgeous historic building complete with original limestone and wood fixtures. I’ve been spoiled with amazing natural light, […]