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Passion Fruit Spritzer


Spring is FINALLY here which means Summer is just around the corner! With summer on my mind I can’t help but start to daydream about my summer plans. Two thing I absolutely love about summer are BBQ’s and patios! Bring on the burgers and sangria! Today on Sweet and Saving, I’m sharing my new favorite […]




5 Nutrition Myths You Should Stop Believing Right Now


Hi everyone, I am so excited to be a guest blogger on Sweet and Saving! My name is Megan Kuikman and I am a Registered Dietitian. As a Registered Dietitian, I come across nutrition myths on a daily basis. Thanks to social media and so-called experts in nutrition, these myths travel like rapid fire. Read […]


Easy, Delicious Pad Thai in Under 40 Minutes

f05167d6-041d-4903-ac43-7b2d464ad5e8It’s kind of comical that I have a food section on my blog, because those who know me know that I actually hate to cook. I was spoiled growing up with a mom who had a passion for food and made us gourmet meals. So while I have an appreciation for great taste and flavors, […]


The Perfect Banana Bread

fd5a0fc4-e449-4b85-ba35-af0a035a3e46Who doesn’t adore a warm slice of banana bread fresh out of the oven? I love banana bread for SO many reasons. It’s the perfect snack to quickly whip up for last minute company, it’s super easy to make, and it uses most of the ingredients lying around the pantry. Today I am sharing my […]


The Perfect Charcuterie Board for Under $45.00

How to make a boss Charcuterie board for under $45I love charcuterie for so many reasons. It makes the perfect appetizer and it’s filling enough to use as a tasty meal. For under $50 I’m going to show you how to make one boss of a charcuterie board that’s big enough to feed at least 4 people. First, the ingredients. Charcuterie boards are all […]


8 Meals in Under 1 Hour (& under $100!)

vsco-photo-1I LOVE routine and with all our moving around it’s been a challenge getting back into the swing of things. Well a month later I’ve finally found my new groove! Work, Gym, Dinner, Bed. But by the time I get home the last thing I want to do is make dinner (sooo tired!). And after […]