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What You Need To Know Before Ordering a Bridesmaids Dress Off Etsy


I’ve always loved weddings. So much so that my childhood dreams consisted of walking down the isle in a white puffy dress. But not as the bride…as the flower girl. Unfortunately, some dreams don’t come true which left me anxiously awaiting the day I would be old enough to be a bridesmaid. Funny enough, I […]


How To Make Your Wardrobe Go Further: The Denim Jacket


It’s no secret that I’m a sucker for clothes, fashion, and all things pretty. In fact, my colleagues often comment on how they rarely see my in the same outfit twice. But the truth is, you don’t need a closet full of clothes to look like you have an abundant wardrobe. My goal? To show […]




How to Make Your Wardrobe Go Further: The Basic Tee


How many times have you looked in your closet full of clothes and thought… I have NOTHING to wear?! This happens to me ALL the time. Usually, it takes hours of playing dress up in my closet for me to realize that I have MORE than enough clothes and that I can create endless looks […]




Copycat Friday – Featuring Jaime Shrayber from The Real Fashionista


When it comes to fashion, I LOVE outfits that offer versatility. I like to choose pieces that can be worn to work, date night, girls night out, yet are casual enough to rock on the weekend. That’s why I adore this outfit by Jaime Shrayber. It’s clean, sleek, and just my taste. This look, while […]





Copycat Friday – Featuring Brighton Keller from Brighton the Day

Brighton Keller is definitely my favorite blogger. I love her style and she has some of the most amazing life hacks. I especially love how she is able to make stylish yet practical and comfortable outfits. Today we are going to copycat this look created by Brighton. While super cute, this look (not including the […]





Copycat Friday – Featuring Jade Scott from a Spoonful of Style

Jade Scott Original Outfit

Jade Scott is probably one of my favorite fashion bloggers. I love her girly style and the way she plays with colors and textures. But as much as I love EVERYTHING she posts I would quickly go broke if I replicated her outfits. The goal of Copycat Friday is to replicate some of my favorite […]




Splurge or Save

Save or Splurge2Is there anything more annoying than scoring a great deal on a new clothing item only to have it ruined in 1 wash? Or perhaps you just splurged on a gorgeous new sweater only to realize it’s dry-clean only. When it comes to looking fabulous it’s difficult to know when to go quality over quantity. […]