Passion Fruit Spritzer

Passion Fruit Spritzer

Spring is FINALLY here which means Summer is just around the corner! With summer on my mind I can’t help but start to daydream about my summer plans. Two thing I absolutely love about summer are BBQ’s and patios! Bring on the burgers and sangria!

Today on Sweet and Saving, I’m sharing my new favorite summer drink recipe that takes under 2 minutes to make, is light, refreshing, and oh so good! My obsession with passion fruit started a year ago while down in Jamaica. From the first time I had it, I was HOOKED! Passion Fruit is the sweet like candy and has some amazing health benefits. For one, passion fruit boosts the immune system, but it’s also known to aid in digestion, keep skin hydrated and glowing, improve blood circulation, improve bone and eye health, and protect against cancer and heart disease. It’s no wonder I became obsessed with this little miracle fruit.

Passion Fruit Spritzer RecipePassion Fruit Spritzer RecipePassion Fruit Spritzer Recipe


1/2 Cup of ice

1 Passion fruit (I buy mine from Farm Boy)

Mint leaves

Sparkling Water

YES…4 ingredients is all you need!


Fill your favorite cocktail glass with 1/2 cup of ice

Cut passion fruit in half and scrape out all the fruit and seeds into the glass

Add a handful of fresh mint leaves

Fill the glass with sparkling water

To add some kick add 1 shot of vodka (don’t forget to drink responsibly!).

The final step is to sit back and enjoy!

Passion Fruit Spritzer Recipe

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