10 Tips for Getting into a Routine

10 Tips for Getting into a Routine

We all know that marriage isn’t perfect and that once you start sharing a life together you realize how different the two of you really are. While I love my husband’s spontaneity, it also drives me nuts because spontaneity is the complete opposite of one of my favorite words…routine.  I am routine obsessed. I have my days, weeks, months, and years planned way in advance. While, I may be on the extreme end, routine helps me to keep on task, on track, and accomplish my personal and professional goals. The great thing about routine is that is looks different for every person. There is no right or wrong way to getting into a routine. BUT, since I’m a self proclaimed routine queen, I thought I would share my top tips for getting into a routine.


Yes we are starting with sleep because sleep is the best thing you can do for your routine. In fact, I schedule my entire day around sleep. Get into the habit of going to bed at the same time each night and wake up at the same time every morning (yes even on weekends). It’s also essential that you get enough sleep. Determine what that looks like for you and set your alarm accordingly (personally I need a full 8 hours). Most people need to wind down before they go to sleep. Identify what winds you down and schedule it in your day. Eventually your biological clock with kick in and you will wake up before your alarm. You feel awake and ready to conquer the day.

Plan ahead

Planning…another word that I love. What is it that you need to get done tomorrow, next week, or next month? Plan your schedule ahead of time and prioritize! I love using a day planner to help my map out my days and weeks. They key is staying organized and aware of the tasks ahead.
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Understand your priorities

There is never enough time in the day which is why is so important to understand your daily and weekly goals and priorities. Write these priorities down, schedule them in your week, and be diligent in accomplishing the task at hand. When scheduling your priorities, think about the flow of your day. Does the flow make sense? Routine isn’t just about being organized, it’s about making your life easier and more productive. If you go grocery shopping once a week, schedule it in during a time when your’re already out of the house. For me, I do my grocery shopping after the gym on Saturday because I’m already out, and the gym is just down the road from the grocery store.

cd4e6369-c681-4699-9c07-5131f3000856Pick out your clothes the day before

You know those days when you feel like you have absolutely nothing to wear so you spend valuable time going through your closet only to make a giant mess that you’re then too tired to clean up at the end of the day? Ya been there…too many times. I pick out my outfit the night before and if I’m feeling really ambitious, I even pick my clothes out for the week on Sunday.

c5439ef6-1687-477d-b61c-e8c04f0459aa-1f6ee0a6c-69fb-49e6-87d9-eb594855572eb257b7ae-b12c-496f-b80b-3ac9bc65a0c1Do time consuming tasks the night before

I HATE making lunches, like really hate it. Not only is it a task I dread, but it’s so time consuming and definitely not how I want to start my day. So I don’t. I make lunches the night before and when possible, get it done early in the evening. Any task that you dread or takes up a lot of time (like showering or meal prep) do the night before. You will thank yourself in the morning.

Wake up nicely

The best way to kick start your morning routine is to wake up the right way. Personally, I absolutely HATE loud alarm clocks. So I wake up nicely to soothing music on my phone. It actually makes waking up a lot less dreadful. Whether you enjoy waking up to the radio, your favorite song, or an obnoxious alarm, figure out what works for you and incorporate it into your morning routine. The key is enjoying waking up!

Schedule “snooze” time

I’m definitely a morning person but I also love to press snooze a couple of times before getting out of bed. Knowing this, I actually set my alarm 20 minutes earlier than the time I need to wake up. This ensures I get to “snooze” without starting off my morning running around like a chicken with my head cut off because I pressed snooze one too many times.

Eat Breakfast

You’ve heard it a million times before but breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Get into the habit of having breakfast, even if it’s just a piece of fruit. Eating breakfast gives you the energy you need to wake you up and have a productive morning.

1b8aa714-f553-41e9-9d79-766668ed3872c91432ca-5c41-49bb-ab47-377055915054Pack your bag the night before

Do you find yourself running around trying to find your keys, wallet, or glasses? It seems to be a common occurrence in our home. Pack your work bag, purse, lap top case, whatever it may be, the night before. Get your belongings needed for the next day in order so you don’t waste valuable time searching for them.

Reward your routine

One of the easiest ways to get into a routine is to incorporate something in your routine that you look forward to. For me, I LOVE waking up to a fresh, hot cup of coffee. I look forward to it every morning which helps get me out of bed. What does a daily reward look like to you?




  1. Tina degroot
    April 27, 2018 / 4:00 pm

    Those breakfast treats look amazing! I need some when coming to Kingston!

    • April 27, 2018 / 4:08 pm

      They are sooo good! We found another amazing bakery!

  2. April 29, 2018 / 12:14 pm

    I definitely need to get into the habit of going to bed every night. Thanks for the tips girl- these are great!

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