What You Need To Know Before Ordering a Bridesmaids Dress Off Etsy

What You Need To Know Before Ordering a Bridesmaids Dress Off Etsy

I’ve always loved weddings. So much so that my childhood dreams consisted of walking down the isle in a white puffy dress. But not as the bride…as the flower girl. Unfortunately, some dreams don’t come true which left me anxiously awaiting the day I would be old enough to be a bridesmaid. Funny enough, I was the bride before I was a bridesmaid, but my opportunity finally arrived in 2016 when I was the Maid of Honor for my little sisters wedding. Soon after that my closet quickly filled up with other bridesmaids dresses.

Being married right out of school I was on a tight budget…and so were my bridesmaids. To ease the burden of bridesmaids expenses I began my search for affordable dresses. This search lead me to Etsy, where dresses could be purchased for under $100. The catch? You need to order a dress online without seeing it in person or trying it on. What could possibly go wrong?

The truth? Absolutely NOTHING! I have now ordered three different bridesmaids dresses off Etsy with each one looking fabulous and fitting like a glove. The first dress I ordered was for my own wedding. I knew I wanted black, long, dresses with different necklines so each girl could feel comfortable in their dress. Etsy had exactly what I had envisioned. We started by ordering my sisters dress (just in case anything went wrong). We provided her measurements and style… and it arrived PERFECT. Nothing had to be changed or altered. We then felt comfortable to proceed ordering the rest of the bridesmaid’s dresses.


Because round 1 with Etsy was so successful, when my sister got married two years later we decided to give Etsy another go. Round 2…another success. All dresses arrived in perfect condition. Plus we ordered all of the dresses together to save on shipping.


A few months later my bestie got engaged and we were headed to Jamaica for a destination wedding. Knowing that we had to travel with our dresses, we wanted to find something that was easy to pack and kept relatively wrinkle free. Enter the Infinity Dress! Infinity dresses are great to travel with (actually don’t wrinkle), can be worn an infinite number of ways (hence the name) and are very inexpensive! What started out as an exciting journey quickly turned into a nightmare. All bridesmaids lived in different cities (Toronto, Montreal, and London England), which made ordering our dresses online our only option. On our first go, we did NOT order off Etsy but another online retailer. Each bridesmaid was sent a different color of dress, only to be told that they no longer made the color that we originally ordered! Round 2, we ordered the infinity dresses from Etsy and to the brides ease, all dresses arrived on time and in the same color.


So what do you need to know if ordering a bridesmaids dress of Etsy ?

Measure Carefully

When ordering, you will need to provide your measurements. Be very careful when taking your measurement because they will make the dress according to the specs you provide. If you are anticipating gaining or losing weight before the wedding, you may want to wait to order your dress or prepare to have it altered.

Order on Time

Many of the dress shops are located in Asia. That means they are being made and shipped from you guessed it…Asia. Pay attention to the ordering time listed on the site. Order your dresses at least 5-6 months in advance, especially if you have a large wedding party to ensure the dresses arrive on time! Two out of the three dresses we ordered took about three months to arrive.

Order Together

The best way to ensure that everyone orders their dress on time and that everyone orders the RIGHT dress, is to order them together. Have the bride collect all the sizes from the girls and place 1 order (figure out payment afterwards). This will ensure that all the dresses are made and shipped together.

Enjoy the Extra Cash

Now that you’ve saved some major moolah on your bridesmaids dress, now you can use that money elsewhere (like on the brides gift or your hair and makeup for the big day).

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