7 Myths About Accountants Debunked

7 Myths About Accountants Debunked


When I was younger and envisioned my future husband, he pretty much looked like Tom Brady. Tall, dark, handsome, athletic, and rich. Never did I ever think that I, Olivia Lattimore, a dramatic, girly, fashionista would end up the wife of an accountant. Because who would want to be married to a boring bean counter? Well exactly 5 years ago I laid eyes on my now husband and knew right away that he was the one I was going to marry. And boy was I shocked when I found out what his major was. That’s right…accounting. He quickly dispelled the myths of a typical accountant (and I don’t just mean the ones about being a boring number cruncher). We are here to de-bunk the common myths and misconceptions about accountants.

#1. Accountants are boring and nerdy

When you hear the term “accountant” you probably picture something like this:


But have you seen my husband?! He is HOTTIE!


I have had the opportunity to meet a number of accountants over the last three years and I will be the first to attest that they are far from boring and nerdy. They love sports, they travel, and they have some fascinating hobbies. Here are some fun facts about my accountant that prove he is far from boring.

Fact: Andrew is a huge sports fanatic! He plays hockey in a local league, and cycled for team Canada in Europe when he was 17.

Fact: Andrew has been the Master of Ceremonies for 2 weddings now and has successfully achieved maximum crowd laughter.

Fact: On the dance floor Andrew is the life of the party. If you want to get the party started Andrew is your guy and never disappoints.

#2. Accountants are introverted

I will never forget my first visit to Andrew’s accounting firm. The two words that best describe the vibe of the office are DEAD SILENT. Quite the opposite of my office which is always buzzing with noise, meetings, music, and conversation. However, while accountants may be introverted on the job, in my experience they are quite the opposite out of the office. In fact, all my husband wants to do on the weekends is hang out with friends and entertain. And did you know that some famous celebs like world-renowned saxophone player Kenny G., and Baltimore Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco both graduated with accounting degrees?

#3. Accountants are human calculators

Accountants deal with numbers all day long so they must have the ability to do complex math in their head right? Wrong! While accountants are great at math, they are not mathematicians. Rather, they use basic math skills like addition, subtraction, division, and multiplication. I think a more fitting term for accountants is “excel experts”. They are great at developing complex formulas in excel that do all the math for them!

#4. Accountants are number crunchers

When I first told my parents about my new crush and they found out he was an accounting major they immediately nicknamed him “Calculator”. But much to my surprise, accountants don’t just crunch numbers all day long. Their roles are much more strategic and include financial data management, analysis and advice, financial report preparation, auditing and compliance, and of course tax filing.

#5. Accountants are tax wizards

For the majority of us who have an accountant, we typically associate all accountants as tax wizards because our accountants file our taxes for us. But not all accountants do taxes, in fact, tax is considered an accounting speciality that requires extra years of education. Andrew’s first job in accounting was in audit which is extremely different from his current position as a tax specialist. And there are many different accounting specialities including financial accounting, managerial accounting, cost accounting, auditing, taxation, fiduciary, and forensic accounting.

#6. Accountants charge an arm and a leg

My family has always used an accountant to do our taxes of which I was shielded from the cost of doing so. But I had always assumed it cost a pretty penny. While an accountant’s time is very valuable the cost of working with an accountant depends on the complexity of your portfolio. The cost of using an accountant will also depend on who is actually doing the work. If a partner or a highly experienced accountant is doing the work the cost will significantly differ from that of an associate.

#7. Accountants are only busy during tax season

If anyone can debunk this myth it’s this girl! There is a famous term for the wives of tax specialists. Every year in the month of April we become “tax widows”. We prepare for a month of eating dinner alone, spending weekends binge watching Netflix, and going to bed hours earlier than our husbands. And while it’s true that tax season is the busiest season for tax accountants, there is never really “down” time. While personal taxes are due by May 1st, corporate tax returns must be completed 6 months after year end and year end can differ company to company, so really accountants are always in a busy season.

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