10 Items to Buy At Costco

10 Items to Buy At Costco

Who doesn’t love a good trip to Costco?! It’s literally your one stop shop. From groceries, to jewellery Costco has it all. However, my biggest problem with Costco is that I often go in for just a couple of items but leave with an overflowing cart…sound familiar? My in-laws refer to Costco as “Cost-More” because you can’t leave without spending at least a couple hundred dollars. While self-restraint is difficult in Costco, there are some items I ALWAYS purchase there because the price and quality cannot be beat. Here are my top 10 items I buy from Costco that save me big bucks but don’t compromise on quality.

Make-Up Removing Wipes

The best feeling in the world is taking off my make up at the end of the day. To get the job done I use Kirkland Daily Facial Towelettes. For $14.99 I get 150 facial cloths at $0.09 per cloth. Previously to purchasing the Kirkland wipes I used to buy Olay Daily Facial cloths which costs $6.97 for 33 cloths or $0.21 per cloth. That’s a savings of $16.69 or $0.12 per cloth!

Bed Sheets

Since getting a Costco membership I ONLY buy my bed sheets from Costco. We have a king size bed and sheets for a bed that size can cost a pretty penny. By far the best deal I have found for quality and price is Costco. For my bed I buy the Kirkland Signature 540 TC Cotton Sateen California King Sheet Set for $69.99! They wash AMAZING! For our guest room with a queen size bed I buy the same sheets but for only $59.99! I also recently found a set of Queen Microfiber sheets for the spare room for only $30!


Fun fact for you. Did you know that most toothpastes have an ingredient called Sodium Lauryl Sulfate with is known to cause canker sores. As a victim of these awful sores, I switched to Sensodyne Pro-Namel which does not contain Sodium Lauryl Sulfate. While I no longer get canker sores (yay!) this toothpaste costs a considerable amount more than the Colgate I previously used. A tube of Sensodyne at Wal-Mart goes for $5.74. But at Costco I get a pack of 4 for $19.49 or $4.87. I save almost $1.00 per tube.

Sun Screen

I probably have the whitest skin on the planet, in fact my veins create a great road map that nurses love to poke and prod when I give blood. With that being said, sun screen is my best friend and I need A LOT of it. At Costco you can get Coppertone SPF 30 (I usually wear 60) for $2.81 per 100 ml, whereas at Wal-Mart you spend $3.60/100ml. That’s a savings of $0.79/100ml.

Peanut Butter

We LOVE natural peanut butter plus it’s so much better for you than the sugary stuff. But like all healthy options, they usually cost more. At Costco I can buy 80oz of natural peanut butter for $10.99 or $0.13/oz. At Wal-Mart the cheapest natural peanut butter you can buy is $2.97 for 17.6oz or $0.17/oz. At Costco you save 4 cents per oz. This results in a $2.51 savings.


Any coffee drinkers out there? I cannot start my morning without a hot cup of coffee. While we do own a Nespresso that we enjoy on the weekends, during the week we stick to Kirkland Colombian Roast. For $12.99 you can get 1.36kg of coffee. This comes out to about $0.95 per 100 grams. On the contrast you can get 924 grams of Maxwell House (which I find undrinkable) for $9.74 or $1.05/100 grams. With the Costco coffee you save $0.10 per 100 grams!

Paper Towel

Before I get into this price comparison, the cheapest alternative to paper towel is reusable cloths/rags. HOWEVER, working in infection control the thought of reusable rags gives me the creeps. There is WAY too high of a chance for cross contamination which is why I use paper towel to clean my house. Unfortunately, paper towel is expensive which is why Costco is my go to. Once again, I buy the Kirkland brand paper towel. For $16.99 I get 12 rolls with 160 sheets. This amounts to $0.0088/sheet. The cheaper alternative is Wal-Mart’s Great Value brand. For $15.77 you get 12 rolls with 105 sheets per roll which comes to a total of $0.0125/sheet. If you were to get the same number of sheets with the Great Value brand as you did the Costco Brand (1920 sheets), it would cost you $24.00. Therefore, Costco’s Kirkland is a better deal by $7.00!

Ziploc Bags

I know, I know… it’s more environmentally friendly and cost effective to use re-usable sandwich containers but we have an issue in our household where I buy a bunch of containers only for them to never return to my kitchen. Therefore, I have defaulted to Ziploc bags. I’m sure all the moms out there can relate. At Costco I can get 600 Ziploc sandwich bags for $14.99 or $0.02/bag. At Wal-Mart you can get 360 bags for $9.97 or $0.03/bag. If you were to get 600 sandwich bags at the Wal-Mart price it would cost $18.00. Therefore, buying your Ziploc bags at Costco will result in a $2.00 savings.

Kitchen Garbage Bags

Luckily taking out the garbage is not my job but buying the garbage bags is! I buy the Kirkland kitchen bags for $15.49. The box comes with 320 bags which comes to $0.05 a bag. Comparatively, at Wal-Mart you can get their Great Value Kitchen bags for $5.97 which comes with 100 bags. This comes to $0.06 a bag. If you were to get 320 bags at the Wal-Mart price, it would cost $19.20. In essence, buying your kitchen bags at Costco is a better deal by $3.71.


If you are a Costco member you get to enjoy the perk of getting the cheapest gas in town. Costco consistently has the best rates for gas. On Average Costco’s rate is 7-10 cents/litre cheaper than competing gas stations. So if you are willing to wait out the line, the savings is worth it! To make the trip worthwhile, my hubby will wait in the gas line to fill up and I will get started on the grocery shopping killing two birds with one stone.

These savings might seem small, but when you find the best deals for all your grocery and household needs the savings really add up. With all this being said, while Costco does offer some unreal deals they aren’t always the best in town. Compare the unit price (rather than the sticker price) for your groceries and household items. Take those savings and throw them right into your savings account and watch your hard earned money grow. It’s not an easy task and it takes a lot of effort, but just like most things in life, hard work and due diligence pays off.


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