My Go-To Makeup Products

My Go-To Makeup Products

My mom will tell you that ever since I was a little girl I’ve always had a thing for make-up. I distinctly remember my first make up kit I received as a birthday gift. Bright blue eye shadow and blue lipstick had me feeling all grown up. I eventually outgrew my blue eye shadow and like most pre-teen girls traded it in for black eye liner. Yes…the raccoon eye was something I had mastered by age 13. Thank goodness for my mother who eventually got tired of her precocious little girl looking like a goth. When I was about 14(ish) my mom took me to a M.A.C store where I was introduced to quality makeup and the “natural” look.

While my raccoon eye days are behind me, I still love make-up and experimenting with different products. But over the years, I’ve come to find my favorite go-to products that never disappoint and never compromise on quality, or price. Today on Sweet and Saving, I’m rounding up my favorite makeup products that don’t break the bank. However, before I get started, I should warn you, when it comes to makeup, I’m not fancy (like I have the time or patience to contour my face everyday lol). You should also know that I have fairly clear skin so I don’t have to worry about skin sensitivities or products causing my skin to break out.  If you do have these types of skin issues, I recommend speaking to your dermatologist before buying any of these products. Lastly, I only purchase products that allow my money to go far, because let’s face it, I’d rather spend my money on more important things (like shopping duh).


This primer is my weapon of choice! I absolutely love Smashbox’s Photo Finish Foundation Primer. It feels slimy when applying, but dries so nicely! It doesn’t feel oily and really set’s the stage for the rest of your makeup. You only need the tiniest amount when applying so while pricey, a bottle goes a long way.


Thanks to my father, I have inherited lovely dark circles and eye bags. While I try to not get self conscious about this “flaw” I still like to brighten up my circles so I don’t look so tired. I also get pimples from time to time (who doesn’t?) so I like to cover those up as well. My go-to concealer is Sephora’s Make No Mistake High Coverage Concealer. I love this product because it goes SO far. I only use the tiniest dab of product and it covers all my areas that need coverage. It easily blends and is lasts all day (no re-application needed!).


When it comes to foundation, I like light, airy and oil-free. That’s why I prefer to use foundation powder. When I feel like spoiling myself, my go-to is Smashbox HALO Perfecting Powder. This stuff (while pricey) is by far the best foundation I have EVER used. The coverage is amazing and the look is flawless. However, when my budget is tight or I just can’t comprehend spending that much on foundation, Maybelline’s Mineral Power Powder is a great budget friendly alternative. I have never had a problem with breakouts with either of these foundations.


Albino, snow flake, ghost…I’ve heard it all but I prefer porcelain. Yes, I have very fair skin so I love using a little bronzer to add some glow to my complexion. For years I have been using Physician’s Formula Butter Bronzer, not only is it budget friendly, but it bronzes without looking orange, it lasts all day, and it smells AMAZING!

Eye Shadow

When it comes to my eye shadow, I like to keep it simple. I prefer nude shades for a natural look. For everyday wear I use Sephora’s Colorful Eyeshadow. It’s easy on the wallet and I love using it as a base for my eyeliner.

Eye Liner

I discovered my favorite eye liner a couple of years ago and I will never use anything else again. My go-to eye liner is the Jet Set Waterproof Eye Liner by Smashbox. It lasts me an entire year, applies SO smoothly, and is completely smudge proof.


As like most little girls, some of my favorite beauty products are the ones my mom used when I was a kid. This was the first mascara I used as a teen and it’s still the ONLY mascara I use. L’Oreal Voluminous is extremely budget friendly and give me nice full lashes.


While I don’t wear lipstick on a daily basis, I still have a favorite brand that I use for dressy occasions. This lipstick is so soft, smooth, and lasts 8 hours. It’s also extremely moisturizing and doesn’t dry out your lips. My go-to is Le Marc Lip Cream by Marc Jacobs.

Brush Cleaner

After I’m done my “beautifying” process, I always clean my brushes! Coming from an infection prevention background, I clean my brushes to kill and remove bacteria that may be inhabiting my brushes. To get the job done I use Sephora Daily Brush Cleaner.

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