Discovering Essential Oils

Discovering Essential Oils

Hi! My name is Alix Martin. I am honored to be here as a guest blogger! I want to share three ways I have used dōTERRA essential oils to drastically change my life. But first, three things you need to know about me:

  1. In my family I am significantly outnumbered. I have an amazing husband and two beautiful little boys, even the dog is a boy! My life is wrestling, farts and hockey, and I wouldn’t want it any other way.
  2. I love Jesus and my church family!
  3. I love food, but mainly pizza and chocolate.


When I was pregnant with my youngest I was introduced to dōTERRA essential oils because I was struggling with sleep anxiety and needed a natural solution. I was shocked when they worked better than any sleep medication I had taken. I needed to know more! What else could these oils do in my life? Fast forward 18 months and dōTERRA essential oils and supplements are in every part of my life.

First, what is an essential oil? Essential oils are aromatic compounds derived from plants. They act as protective mechanisms, to keep the plants healthy and strong. Since our chemical makeup is similar to plants we can similarly use the oils to protect our system. Beware though, the essential oil industry is not regulated, and many oils claim to be pure, but are filled with synthetics. dōTERRA essential oils are Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade and are actually 100% pure, so you can use them aromatically, topically and almost all can be used internally. They are also sourced from around the world, so you know you are getting the most potent and strong oils out there. Find out more HERE.

I want to share three simple ways I use these oils every day:

  • SLEEP: Before dōTERRA, I was desperate for restful sleep! I couldn’t find anything that helped ease my sleep anxiety and calm my brain! Enter Serenity, our Restful Blend. This beautiful combination of relaxing oils helps me unwind and relax as I am falling asleep. I apply one drop of Serenity oil to the bottom of my feet and the back of my spine and add a couple drops in my diffuser to help me drift off into beautiful sleep.
  • IMMUNITY: My family has barely been sick in the past 18 months, despite having two germy kids who attend daycare. I give thanks to OnGuard, our Protective Blend, which is known for its immunity boosting and antiseptic properties. I apply this oil diluted with fractionated Coconut oil topically every day on my kids and I take it internally to naturally protect us from seasonal threats!
  • ENERGY: Wild Orange & Peppermint is my favourite combination for an energy boost any time of day! I apply a drop in each hand, rub my hands together and smell in the sweet, strong and uplifting aroma to wake up my senses. This is perfect first thing in the morning, before a workout, before an important meeting or presentation or just because you need more energy!

I could easily list 25 ways I use essential oils every day in my life, but to avoid writing a novel of a blog post, I will stop at three. If you are interested in learning more, check out my website, or  follow my oiling journey on Facebook or Instagram.  I am on a mission to bring natural health and wellness to families around the world, so I would love to connect with you to hear your story and your health goals!



Alix xo

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