Introducing the Organization Series!

Introducing the Organization Series!

Hey You!

It is an honor to be a guest on Sweet & Saving sharing my thoughts on a topic I am passionate about: organizing!  

My name is Julia Duiella. It is pronounced do-yel-la although most people just rhyme the two names saying, Julia Doolia, before proceeding to ask if I’ve seen the Wedding Singer. Either way suits me just fine, and yes, I have seen it.

Olivia and I have known eachother for 18 years now. She has always encouraged me, often being the push I needed to jump off the edge of laziness. She has supported me through all my career endeavours and was the first bride to hire me to coordinate their wedding! Olivia and I have a lot in common, from music to marketing, food, and faith, we are homebodies who love communicating through blogging.


Passionate about organizing. Really? That’s what your passionate about? Yeah, actually, it is! Although I don’t have it all together and there’s a pile of ‘stuff’ in my space, organization is something that constantly grabs my attention. I love how manipulative organization is. Companies, families, schedules and physical spaces are greatly influenced by the way they are organized. As humans we seek order. Surrounded by chaos, we spend more time and energy working to make sense of the world around us. There may not be one right way to organize, but I believe DISorganization is an obstacle to your financial, physical and mental peace.

Sweet and Saving, and my blog Noun Management are partnering to share our thoughts and tips on organization through a series of posts. Noun Management is my business which specializes is coordinating people, places and things. You can visit my website at


We fully intend to cover organization for physical spaces, your finances, and your schedule. If you have something else you’d like to hear our thoughts on, please send us a message! We would love to hear from you.


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