10 Ways to Take Care you You!

10 Ways to Take Care you You!

Do you ever feel like you are constantly trying to keep up with life? Feeling burnt out, overwhelmed, and rundown? If you answered yes, when was the last time you treated yourself to some me-time? We are so obsessed with filling up our calendars that by the time we check off every box on our daily to-do list we realize we’ve forgotten to eat, sleep, and sometime even breath. Admittedly, this has been a HUGE struggle for me. My jammed packed schedule combined with my type A personality has me in a constant internal battle between conquering the world in a day and slowing down to look after my personal wellness. While our careers and family/home life prevent us from being in a permanent state of zen, taking some daily me-time can be extremely beneficial to your mental, physical, and spiritual well-being. Whether it’s for 5 minutes, or a couple of hours, taking that time to treat yourself can have a significant impact on the rest of your day. Today I’m sharing 10 different ways to take care of you.

Buy yourself flowers

Who says you need to wait for your prince charming to buy you flowers? Instead, treat yourself to a bouquet of your favorite flowers and enjoy the warmth and life they add to your favorite room in your home.

Give yourself a manicure

I love the way a fresh manicure makes me feel. I’m one of those weird people that find painting my nails therapeutic, so I often take time in my week to give my nails a fresh coat of paint, but I also can’t deny the relaxation of getting a professional manicure. Whatever you prefer, take some time to pamper yourself.

Take a bubble bath

This is one of my favorite ways to unwind after a long day. Buy your favorite bath bombs and bubble bath, light a candle, fill up the tub, and enjoy. Sometimes I like to read in the tub, other times I just sit still, close my eyes, and forget about the busyness of the day.

Netflix and Chill

No, I don’t mean the teenage term for “Netflix and Chill”, I mean it quite literally. Take some time to enjoy your favorite new series on Netflix and just chill. At the end of a long and hectic week, I like to take a couple of hours to binge watch my favorite series. While too much time in front of the TV is NOT good for you, treating yourself occasionally to a little binge session can take your mind off schedules and to-do lists.


Exercise is an absolute MUST for me. Sometimes it’s only 20 minutes, other times I’m at the gym for a couple of hours, but exercise is not only beneficial for our physical well-being, but essential for our mental well-being. Studies show that exercise is a natural and effective way to treat depression and anxiety as exercise promotes neural growth and new activity patterns in the brain that promote feelings of calm and well-being. Exercise also reduces inflammation, and releases endorphins, a powerful chemical in your brain that energizes and makes you feel good.


I am NOT someone who finds being in the kitchen therapeutic or relaxing, but occasionally I enjoy baking and enjoying the fruits of my labor. Why not pick out your favorite dessert, bake it, and enjoy it! I always love inviting over my girlfriends for a bake day, so we can enjoy some life chats while we stuff our faces with our freshly baked treats.

Get your hair done

My absolute favorite hair dyer is linked HERE

As a woman, I believe in the power of feeling good about “you”. To me, a good or bad hair day totally sets the tone for how my day is going to go. Me-time includes setting aside some pamper time to get to the salon and get my hair done. I love how I always feel like a new woman when I walk out of the salon.

Give yourself a facial

While a day at the spa is a wonderful treat, I don’t always have the time (or the money) to get to the spa on a regular basis. Once a week I relax with my feet up and apply my favourite face mask and pore strips. It only takes about 10 minutes of me-time but in that short time I feel refreshed and relaxed.

Get a massage

Massage is definitely my love language. I tend to hold all my tension and stress in my shoulders which is why massage has become a vital part of my personal wellness plan. If you’re like me, schedule time with your massage therapists on a regular basis to experience the therapeutic benefits of massage. I’ve also purchased the absolute BEST massage devices for my feet and shoulders. The InstaShiatsu+ Neck and Back Massager and the IS-4000 InstaShiatsu+ Foot Massager by TruMedic is extremely powerful and provide instant relief to your shoulders, neck, and feet. Everyday I treat myself to 15 minutes of massage and it makes all the difference in my day.


When I used to hear the term meditate, I thought about the ancient practice of yoga and chanting. While this is certainly a form a meditation, I’ve learned that meditation is actually a much broader practice that can take shape in many different forms. Meditation is when you focus on your mind on a particular object, thought, or activity. For me this is breathing. I’ve noticed that when I get stressed, I take very short breaths which leads to shoulder, and neck tension. The result is either a headache or migraine. Now, I take 5 minutes to sit back in my chair, close my eyes and just focus on taking long deep breaths. My mind is cleared, my muscles are relaxed, and my productivity is increased. Whatever meditation looks like for you, take that time in your day to focus and breath.



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