How to personalize your office without breaking the bank

How to personalize your office without breaking the bank

As a marketer, creativity is an essential aspect of my job, so it’s important that I have a space that inspires creativity and innovation. And what better space than my office?

My office building is located in a gorgeous historic building complete with original limestone and wood fixtures. I’ve been spoiled with amazing natural light, large windows, and 10 ft ceilings. Coming from a cubicle, I wanted to make my new space a place that is not only comfortable, but a place that allows me to freely think and explore my innovative ideas and initiatives (I mean my job does depend on it after all). But of course, I didn’t want to break the bank in furnishing this new office. So naturally, I headed towards the sale section at my favorite stores Home Sense and Walmart.

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With original wood, I wanted a color scheme that would complement the historic and rugged look of my office. Pink (my absolute favorite color) was obviously a go-to, but I decided that gold would be the perfect accent color to breath some life into my new office space.

Coffee/Tea Station

Not only am I a shopaholic but I am also a huge caffeine junkie. Coffee is a must every morning, followed by a cup of tea in the afternoon. I have a gorgeous wide windowsill that makes the perfect coffee station location. Every coffee station needs adorable and inspiring mugs (because coffee just taste better in a cute mug right?). When it comes to actually making my coffee there is nothing I love more than a fresh brew from my French Press. A French Press is perfect for a small office. It’s easy and great for only making a cup (or two). Finally, I completed my coffee station by adding a little life to my windowsill. Flowers and plants are perfect for filling empty space.

Kettle – $14.00 (Walmart)

French Press – $20.00 (Starbucks)

Gold Accent Coffee Mugs – $5.00/each (Home Sense)

Basket – $9.00 (Walmart)

Serving Tray – $21.00 (Walmart)

Orchid – $16.00 (Ikea)

Gold Table Runner – $10.00 (Walmart)

The basket, serving tray, orchid, and gold table runner were items that I already had lying around the house which meant that I only spent $50.00 on my coffee station.

Book Shelf

Okay, I am SO obsessed with my new book shelf. The shelving unit came with the office so I took the opportunity to glam it up and show off my girly side. When it comes to organizing a book shelf, placement is everything. It’s a balancing act between making sure the space doesn’t look too empty or too cluttered. I like to use my decor to create layers and texture. Here is a little helpful tip. The tendency is to over clutter. If you can’t see any white space on your self, you probably have too much going on. Use Pinterest for positioning inspiration, it’s a very useful tool.

Pink Pineapple Frame – $1.00 (dollar store)

Caribbean Escape Candle – $13.00 (Bath and Body Works)

Pink Binders – $12.35 for all three (Walmart)

Marbled Picture Frame – $10.00 (Mine is out of stock but I’ve linked a similar one HERE )

Gold Decorative Ball – $12.00 (Home Sense)

Marbled Paper Organizers – $7.99/each (Home Sense)

Decorative “O” – $3.99 (Michaels)

Gold Planter – $12.99 (Home Sense)

Gold Tropical Box – $12.99 (Home Sense)

Gold Candle Holder – $7.97 (Mine is out of stock but I’ve linked a similar one HERE)

Gold Pineapple – $16.99 (Home Sense)

To be more budget friendly I took advantage of the “junk” that I’ve collected around my home. I already owned the pink pineapple frame, Caribbean Escape Candle, decorative “O”, and gold candle holder, so I actually only spent $80.00.

Wall Art

Bare walls are so BORING! How can I get inspired by looking are bare white walls? I found the perfect pieces of art that perfectly compliment one another as well as my shelving decor. When it comes to selecting my wall art, my style is girly and clean which is why I went with pieces that were minimalistic yet had accents of gold and pink.

Gold flower wall art – $25.00 (Home Sense)

Inspirational Wall Art – $12.00 (Home Sense)

Cactus Wall Art – $24.00 (Walmart – Mine is now sold out but I’ve linked a very similar one HERE and it’s only $5.35)

Total Spend

In total I spent under $200.00 on my office decor. I will add some more plants to my office to fill some of the space but for now I am very happy with how it turned out (and even happier about how much I spent). If you have an office space that you’ve created that you’re really proud of, tag me on Instagram, I would love to see it!


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