The Perfect Charcuterie Board for Under $45.00

The Perfect Charcuterie Board for Under $45.00

I love charcuterie for so many reasons. It makes the perfect appetizer and it’s filling enough to use as a tasty meal. For under $50 I’m going to show you how to make one boss of a charcuterie board that’s big enough to feed at least 4 people.

First, the ingredients. Charcuterie boards are all about texture and a mixture of flavors that compliment each other. I start by selecting my cheeses. Something creamy, something bold, and something rich. Next, I select my protein. I typically go with two different proteins, one salty and one spicy. Now it’s time to select your accents. Something that adds color and a different flavor to your charcuterie. And finally, for the base I  like to do a mix of crackers and bread.

How to make a boss Charcuterie board for under $45

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Here is my charcuterie go to ingredient list:


  • Brie – $5.00
  • Gouda – $5.00
  • Provolone – $5.00
  • Bocconcini – $4.47


  • Prosciutto – $5.00
  • Cervelat salami – $7.00


  • Pepperoncini peppers – $3.00
  • Basil – $3.00
  • Arugula – $3.47


  • Baguette – $1.00
  • Our Finest premium cracker selection – $3.00

The Process

When it comes to charcuterie, presentation is everything. I start by arranging my cheeses, showcasing them on different sides of the board. My favorite thing to do with provolone is arrange it into horn shaped flowers. It’s almost too pretty to eat! Next, I focus on my proteins. Arrange them next to the cheeses that would best compliment the flavors (such as prosciutto and Gouda). Following the protein, layout your bases around the board so your guests can easily build their plate no matter what side of the board they are standing on. Finish off your charcuterie board with colorful accents such as basil, arugula, grapes, olives, peppers, etc.

How to make a boss Charcuterie board for under $45How to make a boss Charcuterie board for under $45How to make a boss Charcuterie board for under $45

You’re Almost Done

Your charcuterie board is almost complete. Compliment your board with a plate of olive oil and balsamic vinegar for the bread (and cheeses such as mozzarella and bocconcini). Finally, if you wish, pair your charcuterie board with the perfect wine pairing. For red I recommend J. Lohr’s Cabernet Sauvignon and for white I think Toasted Head’s Chardonnay is the perfect compliment.

How to make a boss Charcuterie board for under $45

And voila! The perfect charcuterie board. Enjoy!


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