Splurge or Save

Splurge or Save

Is there anything more annoying than scoring a great deal on a new clothing item only to have it ruined in 1 wash? Or perhaps you just splurged on a gorgeous new sweater only to realize it’s dry-clean only. When it comes to looking fabulous it’s difficult to know when to go quality over quantity. It’s because of this reason that I don’t always stick to my discounting ways. While I always try to score a sale, there are some items that I feel are necessary to splurge on in order to get what you pay for. So here is my list of closet necessities of where I splurge and where I save (sorry guys this one is for the ladies).

Jeans – Splurge

Like bras, a good fitting pair of jeans is your capsule wardrobes best friend. You want to make sure your jeans fit properly and hold their colour. There is nothing more annoying than having your favourite jeans fade in the wash. To make your denim last longer wash them inside out and lay flat to dry. My go to jeans are by Yoga Jeans and Tommy Hilfiger which I’ve linked HERE and HERE.

Blazer – Splurge

Blazers can make or break your outfit and it’s always easy to tell who splurged and who saved on their blazer. An excellent quality blazer not only offers amazing fit, but it can totally take your outfit from zero to hero. Now if you’re like me, I can’t fathom to spend hundreds of dollars on a single jacket so instead I keep my eye on the prize and wait for it to go on sale. I’ve never spent over $100.00 on a blazer so my patience has paid off. You can find my favorite blazers from RW&Co and their sales are AMAZING (winning!). I’ve linked my favorite blazers HERE, HERE, and HERE.


Purse – Splurge

When it comes to my purses, paying for quality always outlasts bargain bags. For my leather classics I always splurge but like my blazers I try to score my quality bags during a seasonal sale. My favorite leather bags are from Danier and have held on to their shape for years now. And because they are classic they never go out of style. Sadly, Danier Leather is going out of business (sigh) but one of my other go-to’s for leather is Fossil. I’ve linked similar styles to what I own HERE and HERE.


Bras – Splurge

The best thing you can do for you and your wardrobe is purchase a great fitting bra that doesn’t lose its shape over time. In my experience, it’s the pricier bras (no, not the pretty lacy ones) that give me the longest wear and best ROI. While it hurts to spend so much money on something that is worn under your clothes, putting your money into a couple of good bras is not only better for your back and posture, but it looks so much more flattering (you can always tell when someone isn’t wearing a proper bra!). I’ve linked my favorite bra HERE. I have it in white, black, and nude.

Shoes – Splurge and Save

Nine West ShoesWhen it comes to my shoes I do a little bit of both. I tend to splurge on a good pair of classic leather shoes for work that can go with virtually any of my outfits. Especially when I’m on a trade show floor all day, it pays to have quality shoes. Nine West has always been my go-to for work friendly yet stylish shoes and the comfort never disappoints. HOWEVER, when it comes to my summer footwear like flats and sandals, I ALWAYS save. In the summer I live in flats and sandals and whether I save or splurge, my summer shoes only ever last me a couple seasons, so I ditched splurging in order to help my money go farther.

Makeup – Splurge and Save

Processed with VSCO with ke1 presetMakeup is one of those things that is dependent on so many factors like your skin type, complexion, etc. I have a relatively clear complexion and don’t have any skin sensitives. For some of my makeup go-to’s I can get away with saving while others I splurge. For my concealer I use Sephora’s Make No Mistake High Coverage Concealer for $18.00. With this concealer I only need to use a little dab and it lasts all day. For my powder I save and use Maybelline’s Mineral Powder Foundation. I switched to this after my wallet couldn’t keep up with my Smashbox powder foundation and I haven’t looked back since! For my bronzer I use Physician’s Formula Shimmer Strips Custom bronzer. It’s light, airy, and again lasts all day. When it comes to my eye shadow I almost exclusively use Mac. In my experience, no other eye shadow lasts the way Mac’s does. I’ve linked my favorite HERE.  For my eye liner I have two favorites and I definitely splurge. I love Smashbox’s Jet Set Waterproof Eye Liner and Lancome’s Artliner. I love the Jet Set Waterproof Eye liner because you only need to use the smallest amount making it lasts an entire year, so while it’s on the splurge side it goes FAR.  My favorite feature of the Artliner is that it is extremely easy to apply and is completely smudge proof. Last and not least when it comes to my mascara I SAVE. My go to since I was 13 is L’Oréal Voluminous. I’ve tried the expensive mascara brands, but nothing can compete with my $6.00 Voluminous.



Hair Care – Splurge and Save

When it comes to my hair care I always splurge on my styling tools (flat iron and hair dryer). Protecting my hair is important to me to I make sure that I use premium tools (i.e. ceramic) to protect my strands from the heat of styling. Unfortunately, when it comes to your styling tools what you pay for really is what you get. My blow dryer which I LOVE is by Elchim (Light) and will run you about  $260.00.  I used to buy the $30.00 blow dryers from Walmart but I was going through a blow dryer a year, and it was extremely damaging to my hair. With my Elchim Light I will get 3000 hours (approximately 10 years) out of my dryer! My flat iron is by Croc  and will run you about $200.00. When it comes to shampoo, conditioner, dry shampoo, hairspray, etc., I save. I’ve tried the pricey products and personally I found no difference so now I choose to save.


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Accessories – Save

Accessories are always going in and out of style, so I don’t ever spend too much on my jewelry. My most expensive accessory is my engagement ring! I love all the bold jewelry that’s buzzing around on Instagram and I’ve joined the trend, but my max for accessories is $30.00 so my wardrobe and purse strings are happy.


Camisoles – Save

When it comes to camisoles I ALWAYS save! I wear cami’s pretty much every day, so I have multiples in each necessary shade (white, black, nude, grey) and I will never, ever spend more than $10 on a camisole. I actually get my cami’s from Walmart (3 for $9.00!!!). They wash great and can be thrown in the dryer (winning!).

Workout gear – Save

Prior to meeting my husband, for me the gym was an excellent place to scope out the hottie market. So, it was essential that I looked “natural” which if course meant a fresh blowout, full face of makeup, and of course expensive gym wear (yes I was one of those girls). But today I’m lucky if I brush my hair and teeth prior to the gym (gross I know). Needless to say, I don’t put much effort or spend into my gym clothes (except my runners!) because they’re just going to get all sweaty anyways. I always score great deals at the Nike and Puma outlet stores.

I would love to hear where you save and where you splurge! Leave a comment below!




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