Knowledge is Power

Knowledge is Power

Ever sit and think “THANK GOODNESS we had to learn how to solve quadratic equations in high school instead of practical everyday knowledge like how to create a budget and how to do your taxes”? Yeah, me neither…

I will never forget sitting in my accounting exam for a second year business course being tortured by my general ledger that would NOT balance. It was in this moment that I decided I was NEVER going to be an accountant, in fact my career path was going to stay as far away from accounting and finance as possible. So instead I compromised and married an accountant who was great with finances. I never had to stress about finances or taxes again and we lived happily ever after…haha NOT! As someone who got heart palpations every time I looked at my credit card statement and all the automatic withdrawals coming out of my bank account every month, when my husband threw accounting/financial jargon and rules at me, my heart palpations turned into a full on heart attacks. I felt so overwhelmed by all the numbers and terminology flying around my head that for the first year of our marriage I was totally displaced from everything in our life that had to do with finances.

Then it dawned on me…KNOWLEDGE IS POWER! Why did I feel such anxiety when it came to finances? It wasn’t because we had $40,000 of school debt or the fact that when we first got married we only had one entry level income for the first few months, it was because I simply didn’t understand the world of accounting and finance. And while I am married to an accountant (luckily), I learned a big secret during my early 20’s…I learned that you don’t need to be an accountant, financial advisor or banker to take ownership and have control over your finances. In fact all us Blind Budgeters need is just a little CLARITY. So let’s ditch the accounting and finance jargon and let’s talk finance in plain old English. Sound good?

My smarty pants hubby is a Charted Accountant. He worked for a big four accounting firm (aka the Apple of electronics) before moving to another very large national firm where he could pursue his goal of becoming a tax specialist. Not only does he LOVE tax (don’t ask me, when tax isn’t making my head spin, it’s putting me to sleep) but he has developed a passion for financial advising. So with my hubby by my side my hope is that this blog will turn you into an informed consumer for all things accounting and finance related. Basically he will give me the technical and I will translate into the practical. We have learned so much since we had to start “adulting”, from how to pay off our school debt to how to do our own investing, and we want to share our secrets with you!!!

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  1. Kelly VanHemert
    May 1, 2017 / 7:32 pm

    Excellent first post!! Can’t wait to see if you can teach this old dog some new tricks:) I’m with you Liv…jargon and tax talk puts me to sleep. I look forward to having it made interesting and relevant!!

  2. GPA
    May 2, 2017 / 4:56 pm

    Well done Olivia. Even an old dog from the farm mite learn a new trick or two

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